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Employability Enhancement programs

Latest ILO report says that qualification decides job opportunity is a myth and 85% of the factors deciding the placement is the skills which will practically help the candidate to get, utilize and grow with employment opportunities.

Reality is most of the students passing out do not know the real world of employment. International average attrition rate in the sectors which provides 70% employment opportunity is 83% and average stick on ratio is mere 7%. Most of the students reaches the interview gate of the dream company in the 5th or 6th interview opportunity, but that take lot of confidence.
We believe class room study is very important but it is also very important to have the knowledge and training to get into the job. The real mistake happens when the students are tried to train in short span of time with some capsule programme.
Employers look for a range of skills in graduate applicants, many of which are common to a number of different career areas. Those most frequently mentioned are communication, team working, leadership, initiative, problem-solving, flexibility and enthusiasm.
Many skills overlap with one another. Leadership, for example, encompasses a number of other skills including cooperating with others, planning & organizing, making decisions and verbal communication. Verbal communication itself involves various means of communication, some of which you may find easier than others – talking over the phone, making a presentation to a group or explaining something to a person with a more limited understanding of the topic. By improving one skill, you may also improve in a number of others


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