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Comprehensive Edu-Training solutions

Learning and Teaching in 21st century
Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains – Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor Domains – design and evaluation toolkit for training and learning
Bloom’s Taxonomy was primarily created for academic education, however it is relevant to all types of learning.

Interestingly, at the outset, Bloom believed that education should focus on ‘mastery’ of subjects and the promotion of higher forms of thinking, rather than a utilitarian approach to simply transferring facts. Bloom demonstrated decades ago that most teaching tended to be focused on fact-transfer and information recall – the lowest level of training – rather than true meaningful personal development, and this remains a central challenge for educators and trainers in modern times.
Development of bloom’s taxonomy
As such ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ describes the three-domain structure, within which the detail may vary, especially for the third domain.
Bloom’s Taxonomy has therefore since 1956 provided a basis for ideas which have been used (and developed) around the world by academics, educators, teachers and trainers, for the preparation of learning evaluation materials, and also provided the platform for the complete ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ (including the detail for the third ‘Psychomotor Domain’) as we see it today. Collectively these concepts which make up the whole Bloom Taxonomy continue to be useful and very relevant to the planning and design of school, college and university education, adult and corporate training courses, teaching and lesson plans, and learning materials.
[email protected] is a specially designed package of education solutions for Students, Teachers, Parents and School management to meet their expectations, to make them powerful to face challenging situations in 21st century learning environment.

  • To identify inner potentials and talents of Students.
  • To help participants to overcome inhibitions and empower them with giving essential life skills as the international standards set by UNESCO.
  • To inculcate values essential for nurturing Personal, Professional and Social life of the students.
  • To enhance the learning habits and identify their potential for helping them for choosing their future studies and career.
  • To empower teachers for the 21st century classroom learning experience.
  • To help the parents for creating a collaborative learning atmosphere at home as well as at school.
  • To improve the total quality of education and school management system for better results.

Can We change Brain?
Many a times we are under the mistaken notion that brain goes through an irreversible process Once it is formed we cannot change it. In reality the latest research show that Brain is Plastic. You can change your brain physiology by constant learning. Therefore I am a sixty year old man, I cannot change my profession or learn new skills is not correct. In fact a person at any given point of a time in his life time subjected to having healthy organs can CHANGE HIS Or HER BRAIN.

Practice makes perfect
When we approach learning seriously, however, something else happens: we attend to a task, we practice it over and over again, and we become emotionally involved. Under these conditions, brain plasticity happens – the winemaker can sharpen her taste buds, the blind person can learn to read Braille, the musician can perfect his pitch, and you can become an honest-to-goodness guitar player. Why are attention, repetition, and intensive practice the prerequisites of brain plasticity? Do we really have to listen to our teachers, go to class every day, and do homework every night? In 1890, philosopher and psychologist William James wrote. My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind – without selective interest, experience is an utter chaos.”

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7 days tech awareness program for 10yrs to 15yrs students

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