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Entrepreneurship support programs

UNICEF in their recent report pointed out the necessity for combining education with workforce readiness, soft skills, technical skills and entrepreneurship so that the youth can easily adapt to the work environment.

To make the future brighter of Indian teens, We must Reorganize, Reconstruct and Reinvent the new set of skills by combining the soft skills and tech skills
The Indian nation stands on the threshold of a new sea of opportunities today, a sea of receding horizons. We stand witness to the force of technology which is shaping our world in ways which we thought impossible a few decades ago. Every aspect of our ‘connected’ lives rely heavily on these technologies yet today it seems unclear whether we are the masters or the slaves.
Creation is a continuous process, the future architects belong to the world where the technology is incorporated with opportunity. The clear vision of the youth gives meaning to the purpose to human life. The advancement of technologies like Artificial intelligence, Virtual and Augmented reality, Robotics, Block chain, Image processing, 3D printing, Cloud Computing, Aero Modelling and so on has changed all the work platforms even the so called professions. We the NEXT Step Career Academy propose ‘intellectual professionals’ to be created for the Next Level of Greatness. Calibrating human skills to the advancing world blending with technology is the need of this CENTURY.

“Techagelabs” bridges the skill gap between the marketplace requirements and skills of our graduates, with a series of skill development and train the trainer workshops for a select few candidates as part of our pilot program.
1. Foster entrepreneurship and provide support for start-up ideas.
2. Offer a doorway to a career in technology R&D
3. Introduce technologies like Systems Control, Artificial intelligence, Virtual and Augmented reality, Robotics, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Image processing, 3D printing, Cloud Computing, Aero Modelling etc. in a practical and comprehensible manner
4. Develop trainers and associates for future projects
5. Train the participants to take on tech-roles required by the industry.
6. Conduct grassroots level technology workshops in schools to spread awareness and expertise in areas like advanced robotics, drones, astronomy, space sciences, mobile app development etc.

Calibrate Century

For professional students to become entrepreneurs

I - Series

10days, 5days grooming for Engg. students to become innovative employer

Z - Series

Continuous One year support program for Post Graduates in Science and technology to develop them as technology entrepreneurs

C - Series

Complete training, coaching ands mentoring program for Next Gen Tech Employers